Hydrangea Flowers

 Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Do you e-blast Vendor Flyers or Recruiting Flyers?

 A: No, we only e-blast Real Estate Property Flyers to our agent database. We are more than happy to create vendor & recruiting flyers, but you will be responsible for printing them on your own or sending them out to your own CRM or contact list. 

Q: What is your process?

A: For Property Email Flyers

    1. Place your flyer order, by clicking the "Order Now" buttons

    2. Fill out the form that follows

    3. Payment will be submitted at the end of the form

    4. Once received, we get started on creating your flyer!

    5. We send you a preview for review (you may need to check your spam the first time you order)

    6. Once approved, we will schedule your flyer to be emailed to our entire database of  agents in the        MLS area you selected.

B: For Other Marketing Flyers

    1. Submit for a quote

    2. We will contact you to discuss what you are wanting

    3. We will send you a quote/invoice based on your needs.

    4. Once your invoice is paid, we will start your order.

    5. We send you a preview to approve or request changes.

    6. Once approved, we will send you multiple file formats of your marketing. In some occasions, we        will also send a Canva share link so you can edit and reuse the template design.


Q: Should I order a single flyer or get a subscription?

 A: Every agent has unique needs, we'd love to have a no-pressure conversation with you to determine what the most cost effective service is for you. Please contact us if you need help: 469-694-8660 (call/text) or info@fraserflyers.com


Q: How will I know when my e-flyer is sent out?

A: When you submit your property information, there is space to enter your preferred email date and time. Once we create your flyer, we will send you a preview to review and approve. Once approved, we will confirm your preferred send date.


Q: Do I get a copy of my e-flyer? / Why didn’t I get a copy of my flyer?

A: Yes! You should receive the email just like everyone else. If you did not receive a copy, check your spam folder. Some email servers flag it as suspicious since the email says it is coming FROM you TO you. 


Q: Can you send a copy to my client?

A: Yes! You can either forward the email when it comes through or send them the PDF we provide once it's approved.

Q: I’m an active agent but I don’t receive your email flyers?

A: At the top of our homepage, there’s an area to add your name and email to our mailing list. There’s also a hyperlink at the bottom of the flyers to subscribe.